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Swim Faster

Unlock your potential and glide through the water with newfound speed.

Improve Technique

Master precision and efficiency in the water through expert guidance.

Increase Endurance

Boost your aquatic stamina and conquer longer distances.

TriSwimJose Services

Learn to Swim

Catering to beginners and those looking to develop foundational swimming skills.

Improve Swim Form

Targeting intermediate to advanced swimmers who want to refine their technique and enhance their performance in the water.

Triathlon Coaching

Providing specialized training for individuals preparing for triathlon events, focusing on swimming as one component of their overall race performance.

About Coach Jose

Meet Coach Jose, your dedicated guide to unlocking your full aquatic potential. As a Licensed and Certified Total Immersion (TI) Coach, Jose brings a wealth of expertise and passion to every coaching session. With a background as a seasoned triathlete, he intimately understands the multifaceted journey towards athletic excellence.

Jose’s affinity for swimming traces back to his earliest memories, where the water became his playground and sanctuary. Over the years, he has honed his skills and deepened his understanding of the art of swimming. From mastering stroke techniques to harnessing the power of breath control, Jose’s journey has been one of continual growth and exploration.

Drawing from his own experiences as a triathlete, Jose empathizes with the challenges and aspirations of every athlete striving to improve. Whether you’re dipping your toes into the water for the first time or aiming to shave seconds off your personal best, Jose is committed to guiding you every stroke of the way.

Beyond technical proficiency, Jose believes in fostering a holistic approach to swimming—one that nurtures both body and mind. Through Total Immersion coaching, he not only refines your stroke mechanics but also cultivates a deep sense of mindfulness and connection with the water.

With TriSwimJose, you’re not just learning to swim; you’re embarking on a transformative journey towards mastery, self-discovery, and boundless aquatic potential. Dive in, and let the adventure begin.


“Jose’s coaching completely transformed my approach to swimming. With his guidance, I’ve not only improved my technique but also developed a newfound confidence in the water. Highly recommend!”
“As a beginner, I was nervous about starting swimming lessons, but Jose made me feel comfortable from day one. His patient and encouraging coaching style helped me progress faster than I ever thought possible.”
“Working with Jose has been a game-changer for my triathlon performance. His expertise as both a coach and a triathlete has helped me refine my swim technique and achieve personal bests in my races. Grateful for his support!”

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